A future where all Congolese people at risk or carriers of acute or chronic kidney disease have an equitable access to realistic and achievable prevention, sustainable care and support interventions centered on the individual.


By acting in collaboration and in synergy with all partners involved in the promotion of kidney health, the Congolese Society of Nephrology (CSN, SOCONEPH) a philanthropic organization will:

  • Support kidney research through all aspects of basic research, clinical, health care services and population health.
  • Promote and organize high quality continuing medical education for doctors, nurses, biomedical engineers, researchers and all partners involved in the health kidney promotion and in the fight against kidney diseases.
  • Promote high quality of health care offer to people at risk or already carriers of kidney disease and their families and to health care providers through education, advocacy and medical practice based on evidence or established facts.


  • Permanent research for excellence
  • Collaboration (partnership) and Inclusiveness
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Self-centered care
  • Medical practice based on evidence or facts
  • Advocacy for Equity and Diversity